Tonight ...



Tonight ...


... I Talked With God

It was time for the sun to set ... I walked out on the balcony to capture the event with my camera, and my heart was overcome with Thanksgiving!  I made several shots, and then the warm golden sun rays seem to wrap around me, and I was completely drawn in.  My thoughts began to pour out to God in prayer ... and as the sun went down ... I became His and He became mine.

... and I began to ask questions ... "Why, God, was there a storm causing good people, even children to be killed, harmed, made homeless ... and many lives ruined, possibly forever?"  I must confess ... I have never been one to believe ... "Oh it's the Will of God" ... well no, I could not believe in a God like that ... I could not even LOVE a God like that.  Rather it is my belief that He set our world in motion giving us FREE WILL ... and that free will of ours, plays into everything in our lives, including all those who touch our lives now and even before.  Easy way out you say?  No - it is what makes sense to me.  So an errant motorcycle rider sliding onto a sidewalk and killing an innocent child ... GOD'S WILL?  Not to my mind.  And so when I ask God why the storm, I know in my gut He grieves more than any of us at the loss of His children and their many ill fortunes.  So I put that question aside, and thought further ...

Then I shared a fear with God ... "I am worried about my country and what it has become ... probably over the last 8 years."  And I confessed to Him, "I believe You had a part in how this country became the United States of America because the men who felt this country needed parameters ASKED for Your wisdom and guidance in putting together our Constitution and Declaration of Independence.  And I believe we have had as great a country as we have all these years, because our forefathers depended on YOU, every step of the way, to guide them."   Yet in my mind, and in many ways, I admitted to Him, "We have turned away from You ... and here we are in trouble."  "Is that Your Will", I asked?   "Of course not, I admitted - I don't believe for a moment it is Your Will that our country is in trouble ... WE MADE THE CHOICES and WE MADE MISTAKES." 

And then my thoughts took over ... we're now facing two choices and one choice will lead us further into disaster.  The last 4 years of George Bush (43) started us out in the wrong direction, but then 5 years ago, one candidate gave us clear and fair warning ... he said that "We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America." 

I had studied and researched the early life, family, college and going forward of this candidate, Barack Obama, and I was frightened at what that statement might mean for America.  He had begun his candidacy for the presidency, by his own admission, in the living room of Bill Ayers, Weather Underground bomber and domestic terrorist.   I also knew his grandparents had entered his mother in a leftist high school and she had been molded by socialist professors (in his book he admits that his mother was his greatest influence).  He also admitted that he was drawn toward socialist professors and friends in college.  And speaking of mothers ... I remembered my mother saying, "Beverly you become as those with whom you keep company."  So then I learned Socialists believe in BIG GOVERNMENT ... lots of regulations, entitlement programs, lots of taxations with an end game of everyone getting a fair share and a fair shot ... spreading the wealth.  This was upside down as to everything I had learned about good government.

I also learned, early on ... folks did not get always get a fair share, nor a fair shot, and that many people had more than I did in many areas.  SO WHAT?   And here's another reality ... none of us were born with an equal brain, equal looks or talents. 

So I knew early on ... we were in trouble when he was elected.  Obama loved BIG GOVERNMENT - he loved regulations - and if he could not get what he wanted, he found a way to get it.  Once after bringing together both parties for a bi-partisan meeting, he abruptly advised ... "There was an election ... I WON."  And that proclamation was just the beginning ... he put down the members of the Supreme Court during a "State of the Union" address. 

The economy quickly went south with his propensity for spending and distaste for cutting expenses.  As a presidential candidate in 2008 Obama criticized then-President George W. Bush for adding $4 trillion (in 8 years) to the national debt, saying it was “unpatriotic” and also “irresponsible” to saddle future generations with such a large national debt.  Yet after nearly 4 years as President Obama, the Treasury Department said (on September 4, 2012), that the national debt had topped $16 trillion, the result of chronic government deficits. 

What that means is that my great grandson's share of the national debt, at the age of TWO, is $50,000.  And so do I ... and so do you ... $50,000 my friend.  Can you pay that?  I can't.  Can our country cover that debt?  WHAT DO YOU THINK?  And the debt will only continue to grow ... we will continue to be downgraded as a country ... and NO ONE going forward will be able to live the lifestyle we live today ... we will become A POOR NATION and a POOR PEOPLE ... THINK GREECE.  It is already happening ... we MUST TURN IT AROUND, if not for us ... for our innocent and unsuspecting CHILDREN.

And what about a budget?  Obama is the first president in U.S. history whose Senate has not signed a budget in his entire 4-year term.  I ask you ... what happens to your bank account if you do not budget your income and outgo?  So, does it make sense that this great country has not budgeted YOUR MONEY?  You DO KNOW that the government has NO MONEY but for YOUR MONEY, don't you?

So do we ask this man, who has done us no favors, to continue for four more years?  Oh!  You say you are worried about union rights, women's rights, gay rights, entitlements, and so on?  Well I say to you ... are your personal preferences more important than the survival of this country?  That would include the survival of you, your loved ones, your friends ... and actually DEPENDS on WHO is selected president.  So WHO?  A man who obviously does not understand jobs, business or economy?  Or a man who does?

My dear mother is gone ... but would she have encouraged me to spend time with a young man who leaned toward socialism, or be friends with a young man who served his church and did everything he knew to do to be a man approved by God?

That man, Mitt Romney, is the man for whom I will place my vote ... not for me (I have lived most of my life), but for Brayden my sweet great grand-son, my five grown grand children, my 3 middle aged children, also many family members, my precious husband, his 3 grand children, his three children and his extended family members ... and those many, many Americans I don't even know ...

It is my prayer, dear God, that our country will once again become a great nation ... I believe there is nothing WRONG with being a great nation ... and I believe with every part of my being ... that would be YOUR WILL, Heavenly Father.

Please dear God, Bless Us ALL ...

Beverly Smith Herrington

November 2, 2012 



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