The Gift of Life



The Gift of Life


I’m told that when I was two, if someone asked, “Beverly, where are you going?”  I would quickly answer, "I'm gone with the wind!"  The movie, Gone With the Wind and I were in production around the same time, with my folks edging out David 0. Selznick by a couple of years; it was on the minds of everyone at the time … the movie ... not … my birth!


Through the years I have enjoyed watching that great movie, but I never felt compelled to let Mr. Selznick know.  However during my adult life, and for as long as my parents lived, I did feel compelled to send them an anniversary card each year with a personal note thanking them for giving me life.  I sincerely meant that too!  For the most part, I have been very thankful for my life and for the many gifts God has graciously extended.  Certainly, every moment has not been perfect, nor every hope or dream provided.  On rare occasions, I would have been very grateful to have moved on to the next and best level of my life, only to find out there were reasons for the hard times, that I just wasn’t ready for the best times … yet!


This I know: each year, no matter the “ball” nor the “battle”, life has been a wonderful gift.  Although these past sixty years have gone quickly ‘with the wind’, the breeze has been exhilarating!!  Bring on sixty more!!

          Christmas 1997


And as an aside … 14 years later … God saved the best for last!!!  What a wonderful gift … my dear husband, Tommy Herrington!!!  And our baby, in the shape of a little gray rescue dog … Ashley Dahlyn … named after “Ashley Wilkes” in “Gone With the Wind”!


On my 74th Birthday

October 29,  2011




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