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Music, Art and Dreams

 MUSIC:  I was fortunate enough to be the recipient of a 6th row seat at an Elton John concert this year.  Before Sir John began his concert, I had experienced a disappointment and was not in the best of moods, but when he began to play and sing, his music transported me to a place that music takes me … it is a place that soothes, that smoothes the rough edges, that gives and gives and gives. Music has always been a gift to me … everyone that knows me, knows that. It is a gift that fills my complete being … it is a gift I understand and one I must give.

 ART:  As much as music was a gift given to me, art was not. I cannot draw a straight line. Much of the impressionistic art I really don't understand and don't like… but other art captivates me, offering a gift of a different kind … one that I am incapable of giving.  Such an experience was given to me at “A Chorus of Lights,” the art collection of Sir Elton John on display at the Atlanta High Museum of Art.  I attended with a friend and was very moved at this incredible collection. Much of the display was photographs, which captured the era of my mother as a young woman and me as a teenager.  I stood transfixed in front of one photograph of a lone woman standing on a roadside by a single tree.  Tears were suddenly in my eyes and I wasn't sure why.

DREAMS:  I do not paint, I do not draw … but I dream, and some of my dreams are works of art. There is one particular dream that I wish I could paint.  It will have to remain a work of art in my head; my hands create music, not pictures!  The dream was similar to the young woman in the Elton John display.  A lone woman, dressed in a long, white Gibson-style dress and hat had walked alone, three-quarters of the way up a steeply graded road.  It was a difficult walk for her … she was also wearing very high, white heels!  On either side of the road were many people watching her struggle up the hill.  Suddenly, a gentleman to her left came out of the crowd and extended his hand … together they continued ... her struggle suddenly diminished ... the dream ended.   

The dream gave me hope of perhaps a gift to come … someday!          

                                                                                                                     From  "Gifts"  Christmas 2000



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