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It's Not About Death ... It's About Life!

Morrisette Morton Smith and daughter, Beverly Smith Herrington

I had a dream about my mother last night.  She died October 14, 1989, and for most of my life, the two of us had major differences in what and who Beverly should be - she was constantly critical of how I looked ... she would say, "Beverly, you should cut your hair and dress your age",  and I would respond, "I am not ready to look like an old woman",  And though I loved her with all my heart and I knew she loved me ... we were like oil and water ... we certainly did not mix.  For some reason, she was unable to affirm me (afraid I would become conceited, she said), and probably in response I often ignored her many of her emotional needs.  I will always carry that guilt, even though a couple of years before she died at 76, we were both able to find our peace together.   Thank God for that, for I do not think I could stand carrying the heavy weight of guilt of how I treated her, with no chance of her forgiveness.
In my dream I sensed my mother was somewhere ahead of me in a large group coming toward me.  I toyed with the idea of avoiding her.  But something in my heart nudged me to find her in that group.  As I searched, I saw her looking about ... with expectant hope on her face ... she was looking for me!  Mother was a vision of joy, extending her arms as she saw me coming toward her.  I felt good that I had followed my heart. 

She absolutely glowed!  Mother looked radiant, dressed in a soft, empire style long dress - not something she  would wear, rather something I would wear.  I could not take my eyes off her and said, "Mother, you look 55" as we embraced!!!  And the dream ended!


Some might say this was a preview of our final homecoming ... well maybe ... maybe not.  Dreams sometimes tell the truth, don't they?!!


Beverly Smith Herrington

October 9, 2011


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